Le spiagge di Malbolal

White beach "Basdako" ("a lot of sand"):

The main tourist destination is Panagsama beach, a thin beach about 4 kilometers from Moalboal, more than for beach lovers, it is the tourist heart of Moalboal; during the day for fans of dive / diving and snorkelling, in the evening for the numerous bars, restaurants, karaoke, seafood grill, sale of souvenirs and small shops. A few meters from the beach you can ‘admire a herd of millions of sardines, the bath immersed in the pack of sardines is an unforgettable experience. Opposite is Pescador island which can be reached by a few minutes by boat, another destination for divers.

Panagsama Beach or "Basdiot" ("little sand")

Paying a ride to the numerous tricycles (with about 3 euros) or renting a motorbike (about 6 euros per day) just 6 km from Panagsama you can reach the Saavedra district where there is a beautiful beach with a turquoise sea . The beach is surrounded by shacks that can be rented for those who prefer to stay in the shade.

Lambug beach or Badjan beach, Badjan:

A little further on, 10 kilometers south of Moalboal is another very fine white sandy beach, Lambug beach divided into two by a small pier. The turquoise sea but lower than white beach, on the left side the countless starfish on the right side, the beach stretches and with the palms behind it creates a wonderful landscape. You can rent a shed and buy fresh fish at the market in Badjan you can grill it from the owner but you need a notice.

Bantayan beach : Bantayan Island

It is more distant and needs more than 3 hours north of Moalboal and 1 hour by ferry from San Remigio; but for beach lovers it is included in the tour because it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Philippine islands.

Dumaluan beach: Panglao Island

Another recommended tour is to go to bohol and then to panglao, also here another lovely beach Dumaluan beach.


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