Activities inside Moalboal

Kawasan Falls


waterfalls-philippinesIf there is a place that could be called “paradise lost in the jungle” this would surely be the waterfall of Kawasan falls, a lush tropical forest with an aquamarine river, tall bamboo canes and huge boulders, where you can experience a feeling of freshness and beauty, until you feel one with nature. Kawasan falls are 18 km south of Moalboal, they can be reached easily with a motorbike for rent or by bus. You get to the church of Matutinao where you find a parking lot and walk behind the church, where you find a well-groomed road. Admission is less than one euro, then you just have to enjoy the walk in the jungle.

The river, between rapids and calmer areas, is spread over three levels, three areas where water forms small lakes, where you can stop to swim and dive from different heights. At the first level there are rented bamboo rafts which, following a path with ropes, pass under the waterfall. On the trail you can buy a coconut (about 30 euro cents), the Philippine islands are the first country in the world to export this fruit from the highest nutritional levels. The path can also be done in the opposite direction, ie starting from the highest level and then descending the river with canyoneering.

IL Canyoneering o Canyoning


waterfalls-philippinesThe canyoning (or torrentism) consists in the descent on foot of rivers of water that flow inside narrow gorges deeply carved into the rock and characterized by a steep slope. Near Moalboal you will find the most suitable place for this exciting activity. The falls are overcome with the help of ropes or – where possible – by making dives, slips or downhill climbing passages. Deep ponds are often found at the base of the falls.

The equipment (helmet and safety vest) is provided to you at the start, along the way you are accompanied by a guide.




Osmena peak: Osmena Peak, with its 1,013 mt. above sea level, is the second in height of Cebu island, but more easily accessible than the highest point of the island, the Manunggal Mount in Balamban of 1,100 meters. Osmena Peak offers a wonderful view of green serrated mountains and the sea with its colors in the background. The place is reminiscent of “Chocolate hills” of the neighboring island of Bohol, but instead of swaying hills, here they have higher peaks. There are several ways to reach Osmena Peak which is located in Barangay Mantalongon, in the municipality of Dalaguete, from Moalboal it is better to go via Badjan, renting a motorbike. The road is paved and only sometimes impassable, however, the more you climb and the view is beautiful, an hour and a half from Moalboal, then you continue on foot for about 20 minutes. On the road we cross cabbage crops, carrots, peppers and other vegetables. You also meet the beautiful waterfalls of Cambais where it is worth stopping, perhaps on the way back.

Fresh water cascades.

  • KAWASAN FALLS (badjan)
  • Mantayupan falls (Barili)
  • Dao falls (samboan)
  • Binalayan falls (samboan)
  • Kampaen falls (Ginatilan)
  • Bugnawan falls (Ginatilan)
  • Inambakan falls (Ginatilan)

Mountain bike – biking

Osmena Peak in Dalaguete is about 2.30 hours from Cebu City by car.  You need to register at the tourist office and pay the php entry fee 30.00 per person before you go. The hike up Osmena Peak is not very tiring the climb is about 1/2 Km and takes about 15 or 20 minutes walk. Of course, once you are at the top, you will see the city of Cebu from the hills.

Various assets:

CAVE:  For the geological conformation of the Philippine islands there are several quarries, some are accessible, where it is possible to swim in that magical place.

Zipline and river ascent

For lovers of adventure full of thrill and adrenaline there is the possibility to try the zipline a real free flight in the air. The zipline consists of a steel cable stretched between two different points, generally a point higher than the arrival point to exploit the force of gravity generated by the natural decline of the slope. Going down a zipline is in fact a concentration of incredible emotions: from the launch into the void, sometimes even from a very high point, to the sheer freedom of flying by brushing against the speed of the roller coaster. We recommend the zipline experience at the Ecoturism Adventure park, combining on the same day the ascent of the Loboc river or with motorized or canoe boats. This zipline is 600 meters long and 120 meters high.

Adventure with the Quads


Simple, intermediate or challenging trails on dirt roads in the forest or on the mountains behind Moalboal. Possibility of tour / adventure in the mountains with overnight stay in the tent always with guide to only 1,500 pesos per day (about 30 eu)