Moalboal Isola di Cebu

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More than a journey, an adventure

Moalboal is a small village famous for the beauty of White Beach and the nightlife of Panagsama town, where a strip of dive shops, bars, restaurants is packed with people from all over the world. Moalboal became well known for the snorkelling with the sardine fishes. Thousands of sardines usually gather around Panagsama, just 20 meters off the beach. Turtles are often spotted, too. Moalboal is  also one of the best diving spot in the Philippines. There are two great dive locations (Pescador Island and the House Reef) and many other good dive sights along the coast with pleasant coral. At Beyond Island Moalboal we help you making the best out of your staying. According to your preferences, we will advise you on activities and coordinate with the best tour organisations here. Whenever possible, we will directly provide the services you need, including transportation and visits. Mountain biking, canyoneering and snorkelling around Moalboal will never disappoint you!

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More than a journey, an adventurous life

The Philippines is an extraordinary country, perfect for those who love the sea and an outdoor lifestyle, relaxed and fun. The country is made up of 7,107 islands, many of which are uninhabited and unexplored, most of them surrounded by a coral reef that offers the best conditions for snorkelling and diving. The landscape is among the most varied and the best for those who love adventure. There are white beaches with a crystalline sea, stunning tropical jungle, lakes and waterfalls and even volcanoes. People are friendly and English is widely spoken at a very good level (school classes are in English here!).

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